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Applying for the Non Habitual Residency programme in Portugal’s "Clean & Safe environment”

Does the Portuguese lifestyle and climate appeal to you? Wondering how to plan your move to Portugal and what you need to plan for? Chamber members and leading Portuguese law firm Edge International specialise in Portugal’s NHR regime – which can be highly tax efficient for those planning to relocate to Portugal’s Clean&Safe environment.

Meet Edge’s Partner Geoffrey Graham and Christina Hippisley, Head of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK, to find out how these attractive financial incentives work, what might or might not change after Brexit and more about the Portuguese Health Passport.

Geoffrey will also be talking about some real-life case studies that EDGE has been dealing with.

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Webinar Replay: The Portuguese Miracle, why Portugal will be even more popular in the #postcovidworld

Geoffrey Graham, Senior Partner at EDGE International Lawyers in conversation with Chitra Stern, CEO, Elegant Group, Portugal.
Hear their experiences of living in Portugal for several years as foreigners, doing business in Portugal and how Portugal has fared in the pandemic.

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Webinar Replay: Moving to & Investing in Portugal

Portugal has risen to be regarded as a COVID-19 haven, while at the same time, a great financial opportunity for anyone considering moving and investing here.

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Webinar Replay, recent changes to NHR and ongoing applications during the lockdown

Gonçalo Figueira from our EDGE team will provide you with information regarding recent changes to NHR and ongoing applications during the lockdown.

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