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    Webinar | 18/04/2024 |18:00 CET

    Join Edge – International Lawyers’ Senior Partner Geoffrey Graham along with fellow speakers Nicky Stevenson and Charles Roberts of Fine & Country, Jonathan Watson of Lumon, Judith Price of Portugal Consultants, and Matthey Krystman of Blevins Franks Wealth Management.

    Together, they will investigate the nuances of and opportunities for purchasing property in Portugal. From legal requirements to lifestyle factors, this webinar aims to provide practical tips and insights for those seeking a holiday home, investment property, or permanent residence.

     You’ll have the opportunity to investigate the multifaceted aspects that contribute to Portugal’s appeal as a safe, strategically located haven. From its geopolitical stability to its advantageous geographical position bridging east and west, uncover why Portugal is a preferred destination for those seeking security and connectivity. Additionally, gain insight into the lifestyle factors, including the Mediterranean climate, vibrant culture, and favourable cost of living, all of which make Portugal an obvious choice for those who are relocating and those who are investing.