The NHR Status is Still Live

Can I still apply for the NHR status?

Yes, you can. Although the NHR status was phased out by the Portuguese Budget for 2024, there is still a window of opportunity to apply on or before 31st March 2025 under certain exceptions. Before examining these exceptions, let’s have a look at the benefits.

Benefits of the NHR status

The NHR programme is one of the most successful tax programmes worldwide and the benefits of becoming NHR tax resident include the possibility of receiving qualifying non-Portuguese personal income either tax free, or at a preferential rate of tax, for ten years.

Qualifying income includes some types of salary, consulting and property income, as well as pension, dividend, royalty and interest income.

Can I still apply?

The requirements to be accepted to the programme are the following:

  • Demonstrate that you have spent the last 5 tax years outside Portugal;
  • Register as a Portuguese tax resident; and
  • Subsequently fulfill the tax residency requirements;

The current legislation allows individuals to still apply for the NHR Programme until 31st March 2025 provided that they fall under the transitional provisions, namely, if the applicant holds one of the following:

  1. Promise or a contract of employment, promise or agreement of a promise or contract of employment, promise or agreement of secondment concluded by 31 December 2023, the exercise of must take place in national territory; or,
  2. Lease agreement or other agreement granting the use or possession of real estate in Portuguese territory signed until 10 October 2023; or
  3. Reservation contract or promissory contract for the acquisition of real rights over real estate in Portuguese territory signed by 10 October 2023; or
  4. Enrolment or enrolment of dependants in an educational establishment in Portuguese territory, completed by 10 October 2023; or
  5. Residence visa or residence permit valid until 31 December 2023; or,
  6. Procedure, initiated until 31 December 2023, for granting a residence visa or residence permit, with the competent authorities, in accordance with the legislation in force applicable to immigration matters, namely through requesting an appointment or actually making an appointment to submit the application for a residence visa or residence permit, or by submitting an application for a residence visa or residence authorization, residence visa or residence permit.

How can I apply?

EDGE has been assisting clients with NHR application since the programme was launched in 2009. Therefore, we have the experience and knowhow necessary to guide you through the required tax advice and the NHR application process. In addition, as we are a full service law firm, we can offer a suite of complementary services to help you have a soft landing in Portugal.

EDGE has a 100% rate of success of NHR approvals, including appeals.

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