We are very pleased to announce our webinar “Door opened to a long future for NHR under new rules”, where Gonçalo Figueira from our EDGE team will provide you with information regarding recent changes to NHR and ongoing applications during the lockdown.

In response to the situation caused by the pandemic, EDGE – International Lawyers will present various webinars to discuss and debate the multiple changes and challenges that individuals and companies are facing. These Webinars will be presented by expert EDGE Lawyers, who will share their knowledge and experience in different areas.

The first webinar will take place on the 15th of April at 3 PM : “Door opened to a long future for NHR under new rules”. We will present the very recent changes to the NHR programme and why these represent good news to the programme stability and longevity, maintaining it as the more advantageous in Europe. We will also talk about the challenges that the pandemic creates to the application for NHR and the solutions we created to continue to make it possible.

Please register, simply by contacting us trough our form. or send us an email to events@edge-il.com


The webinar will be conducted on ZOOM and starts today, 15th April, at 3 PM (Portugal time), you can join us trough the following link,

Meeting ID: 934 337 3400
Password: EDGE111019

We also encourage participants to send their questions prior to the webinar to Events@edge-il.com